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Visiting Practitioner - Dr Vihas Unni

Rediscovering and healing the human body through Naturopathy

Our visiting practitioner Dr Vihas Unni was born into a family of natural healers and had always believed that the ‘human body is the greatest healer of all. 

Because of his passion for knowledge, he further explored this theory at university. And after completing 5 and a half years of studying Naturopathy, Dr Unni began his career by working as a Naturopath at hospitals and working alongside other doctors. 

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The term Naturopathy embodies the aspect of healing the physical body naturally. By guiding and assisting the body, organs, and senses into healing and flowing through means of Ayurveda, Yoga, Acupuncture, Meditation, and more.

Dr. Unni explained that while he believes that the human form can help heal itself through these processes, the work of naturopaths is working on locating a deficit in the body – “so, in essence, it is more of a preventative measure to take care of our own body.” 

“I always start by doing a ‘pulse diagnoses on my clients”, he explained. Contrary to what you might think, the pulse diagnosis is not the typical pulse count that natural healers look for. “Every beat is different for us. A pulse is an identity of a person. Every pulse has got certain qualities. And through these unique beats, we can identify or hone in on a specific location or organ of the body that needs more help.” 

Pulse diagnosis is an analysis of a client's movements, postures, and vitals. Dr Unni gets to know the client in terms of their diet, sleep, and other factors before settling on a verdict. 

Once the diagnosis is done, he will then proceed to explain what method he sees fit to tackle the deficit: Ayurveda, Yoga, Breathing, or Acupuncture. Dr Unni also works with the crystal pendulum to locate a client's energy centres or ‘Chakras’ to see where in the body might be a block. “Through this method, I can use a charged pendulum over the client’s energy centre and can understand from its movements where the blocked/unresponsive points are. I usually follow through with a gentle massage on their back and shoulders to ease the tension. But energy points can also be activated or opened up and balanced through chakra focussed yoga movements, meditation, and breathing.”

One thing Dr Unni has also been teaching while on the island with us is ‘meditation through movement. Typically, when we hear the word meditation, we always assume it to be a very calming, still way of sitting with oneself and breathing. However, through Dr Unni’s suggested subtle movements clients can balance their chakras, and open up their hearts and mind.

These methods are non-invasive and an immersive way for clients to discover more about their bodies, and redirect the flow into a gentle healing process, revitalising and reinvigorating the senses body, and soul.  

If you are eager to learn more about these and more about our visiting practitioners this season, head on over to our website to book your slots here.

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