Rajeshwari Amol Nerukar has been a Physical Therapy practitioner since 2004 and she became an energy healer since 2009. Her interest in the various healing energy work led her to become a Reiki master and Advance healing practitioner.

She learned to deeply understand herself and felt calm and at peace with herself. In practice, if clients recognize their emotions or trauma, and it has not yet taken root in the physical body then she feels Energy work is the best form of treatment. If emotions have taken root in the physical body and there is physical suffering, then she can work on the physical aspect first.


When there is some ailment, imbalance, ache or discomfort, it could be that one or more of your energy centers “Chakras” are either blocked or out of harmony with the other – they can happen due to negative patterns and energies. This blocks the energy flow and could lead to health problems, hold you back in your psychic development, as well as relationships and finances. Cleansing and balancing Chakras can bring you back to harmony. It can heal many problems, and cleanse negative emotions as well.

When you receive a Psychic Chakra healing & balancing session, you will get complete Chakra cleansing within all seven energy centers. After your session is complete, you can experience what many other clients have best experienced:

Feeling lighter, less physical pressure, a positive shift in energy, mental and emotional clarity, and better spiritual connection to your higher self.


The ancient healing system of Reiki is a natural, safe and effective way to heal the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is good for everyone and its many benefits include deep relaxation, reduced stress, increased energy and enhanced health and wellbeing.
Reiki reduces aches and pains while energizing and balancing the person. Where there is imbalance Reiki finds balance, directing the flow of energy to exactly where it is needed. The imbalances concerned may be physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual.

Abhyanga Massage Therapy

A traditional Indian massage using a combination of soothing and symmetrical long strokes to regulate the circulatory and nervous system of the body. This detoxifying uses warm herbal curative oil to leave you feeling refreshed, balance and rejuvenated. This Indian massage detoxifies your body and revitalise your spirit. 

Marma Points Massage Therapy

Marama point are energy pathways where the body and mind communicate. Working on 107 energy points throughout your body release toxins and relieve stress and tension , a marama point massage leave you in a state of complete harmony and bliss. A cleaning and harmonising therapy, it is a combination of energy balancing along with a subtle and circular stimulation of the marama points.