Since 2007, VitaJuwel has been the leading provider for premium glassware with crystals to enliven water. Based in the German Alps and in California, VitaJuwel ships to water lovers in more than 65 countries. 

Combining holistic crystal healing practices with contemporary design, premium glass, sustainably sourced gems and outstanding craftsmanship, VitaJuwel is the top of the line when choosing the perfect accessory for enjoying water like fresh from the spring.

Everybody knows that our body mainly consists of water. Nothing affects our well-being more than the quality of the water we drink. Water is the elixir of life! But it’s so much more than just H2O! Researchers discovered some time ago that vivid water features a sublime crystal silhouette. Wise women and men have been vitalizing their water with gemstones for thousands of years. Only now has VitaJuwel updated these traditions with a contemporary, sophisticated approach: Imagine a single drop of water... rising as steam from a power plant. Rising ever higher and forming a cloud with millions of other drops. Floating in the air. Raining down to earth, sinking through multiple layers of rocks. Finally coming back up again as spring water. Then as a stream, flowing over stones and minerals. Down a waterfall in the middle of a forest. Full of life. Full of energy. Fully regenerated.

The products are now proudly available in AVI Spa. 

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