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Sustainability, Conservation & Protection

InterContinental Maldives has received the silver award for Best Hotel/Resort Eco Initiative in the City Kids Green Awards 2023.

Since its opening in 2019, InterContinental Maldives has ramped up its efforts in sustainability, conservation and environmental protection. Our inspiration comes from the thriving marine life that surrounds us, the majestic gentle giants that call our lagoon their home and the greenery and buzzing natural life on the island. 

The Maamunagau team is passionate about preserving and protecting the natural beauty of our environment and here are some of our initiatives and what’s upcoming from our island,  

 Partnership with Manta Trust  

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In 2019, we partnered with the Manta Trust, a UK-based charity that leads research and conservation efforts worldwide for manta rays. Our joint mission is to protect juvenile manta rays and maintain the pristine condition of our house reef.  

Within the partnership, we also launched the Manta Retreat, a yearly event to raise awareness about manta rays in their natural habitats, to educate participants and have guests experience the Manta Trust’s research firsthand.  

More Sustainable Initiatives 

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We have taken steps to lessen our carbon footprint by installing 1577 solar panels on the roof of our administrative building. These panels generate over 950,000 kWh of solar power, which covers a minimum of 15% of our energy needs. Our efforts result in a significant reduction of 900 tons of CO2 emissions each year.  

Within the efforts to reduce waste on the island, we have a glass crushing system which breaks glass bottles into small particles that can be used as a component for concrete work on the island. We further closely monitor our food waste to minimize wastage, as well as following strict procedures to ensure efficiency and care during food shipment and preparation.  

Reducing plastic is one of the core efforts here at Maamunagau, which is part of the supply management procedure but is also reflected in the on-island bottling plant. In producing our own drinking water, we do not have to bring plastic bottles to the island and reduce single-use plastic waste tremendously. 

InterContinental Maldives is committed to reducing water waste by recycling water through our ultrafiltration and reticulation. Our water recycling system generates up to 155,000 liters of water daily, which is distributed to irrigation lines and is also used in cooling towers, which supply air-conditioning to the back of house areas.   

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