Located in such close proximity to Baa Atoll’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, we see sustainability as a non-negotiable and we keep it at the core of everything we do. A big focus is dedicated on the resorts ‘Green Engage’ initiatives to minimise carbon footprint. 



As part of our ongoing efforts to minimize our carbon footprint, we have recently completed the installation of our solar power energy system. Consisting of 1577 panels covering a total area of 2594 sqm over the roof of our administrative building in the Heart of House, the solar power system will produce 470 596 kWh  which is 8% of the resorts total energy requirement resulting in a CO2 reduction of 365 tonnes annually.

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To reduce our volume of glass waste, we are working on the implementation of a glass crushing system that will allow us to use it as a component alongside aggregate in concrete works. 

Similarly, by creating our own compost from organic waste we are saving the ocean from food components such as, spices and food coloring, which can be harmful to marine life. For an instance we have commitment to reduce plastic by 90% and glass waste by 80%, composting bio waste.




The Resort has a ultrafiltration and reticulation plant system that carries a production capacity of 155,000 litres of water per day. This high-functioning treatment plant can store and distribute the treated water in fields such as the irrigation lines, bathrooms for the colleagues’ accommodations, cooling towers as well as the air-conditions chilled water lines.  

This process of waste water ultrafiltration and reticulation is an important ongoing task of recycling used water and better manage our water usage throughout the Resort.