Located in such close proximity to Baa Atoll’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, we see sustainability as a non-negotiable and we keep it at the core of everything we do. A big focus is dedicated on the resorts ‘Green Engage’ initiatives to minimise carbon footprint and to be a leading sustainable hotel in the Maldives. 



While the world is slowly (but surely) reducing the amount of single-use plastic, we here at Maamunagau are doing our part in contributing to saving our planet from excessive toxic fumes. We are proud to share that we have implemented a glass crushing system that helps us minimise the particles of glass, to use as part of a component alongside aggregate in concrete work.

Wastage of food is thoroughly monitored and registered, aiming to keep this to a minimum. Strict procedures are in place to ensure efficiency and care when it comes to food shipment and preparation. Here in Maamunagau, we as a team are committed to reducing the use of plastic by 90%., and glass waste by 80% as an ongoing process. Year by year, with the use of new technology and investments, we are optimising the use of resources and reduction of any waste products



At the heart of our beautiful island of Maamunagau, we are passionate about conserving our fragile environment and working with the latest technology to help our future.

As such, we are proud to say that we have installed a total of 1577 heavy-duty solar panels to date, which cover an area of 2594 sqm – over the roofs of our administrative building. The solar power system produces 952,620 Kwh, which is 15% of the resort’s total energy requirement resulting in a whopping reduction of 900 tons of CO2, annually.



While the use (and wastage) of water is a sensitive topic, we here at Maamunagau are committed to conserving our water and re-using it as treated water through a system of Ultrafiltration and Reticulation Plant System. This system helps carry a production capacity of 155,000 litres of water per day. This high-functioning treatment plant can store and distribute the treated water in fields such as the irrigation lines, bathrooms for the colleagues’ accommodations, and cooling towers as well as the air-conditioned chilled water lines. This helps us recycle used water and manage our wastage tremendously throughout the resort.