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How to Shisha – at InterContinental Maldives

Introducing our Shisha Master

The world of shisha is old and new, combining history and lifestyle perfectly. Also, our guests in Maamunagau love themselves a good shisha, lounging on the sun deck of the Pool bar or The Retreat, while the sun sets at the horizon. 

The newly appointed Maamunagau Shisha Master opened up a whole new shisha world for our guests to taste, explore and try. 

We asked him a few questions, and here you can learn all about the shisha experience at InterContinental Maldives. 

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Tell us a little bit about you. 

My name is Alosta Ameer, but guests and colleagues here call me Ameer. I was born in the UAE, but my parents are from Jordan, so I mostly grew up there. I also lived in Russia for a while and now in the Maldives. 

What inspired you to become a Shisha Master? 

Shishas and smoking Shishas are part of my culture. First, my brother brought me closer to them. He showed me how to build them and how to smoke them. I would say that pretty much every Arab family and shishas are around and a part of the daily routine or enjoyment. With these Arabic roots, becoming a Shisha Master is not very far-fetched. 

Over time I learned all about shishas, the flavours and how to combine them. I am glad that I made my passion become my work as well. 

What kind of Shishas are you offering at InterContinental Maldives? 

We have a whole range of different shishas. Some more modern, a bit special, ones like the Nefes-X or Space-X, and then the ones that are an entire event itself, like the Lightsaber or Lotus Shisha, which really bring shisha smoking to another level. Of course, we also have the classic ones, like the Evolution Shisha. 

What makes a good shisha? 

A good shisha, or Hookah as we say, depends on the width of the downstem, and the base needs to hold enough water to cool the smoke properly. Air leaks are definitely bad and influence the smoking experience a lot. 

I personally love the classic shishas, the simple and traditional ones. Maybe because I am old-school, but also because I feel the flavour is better and the smoke is softer, making it easier to smoke. 

Any recommendations for the best shisha experience at home? 

Always put a good amount of ice in the base. The cooler the base, the thicker the smoke. You will realise the flavour is stronger, much brighter and tastier, 

Also, try not to spoil the flavours with strong-flavoured drinks or food. To me, smoking shisha is an event in itself, so I don't think drinking or eating is needed while smoking shisha. Just smoke, relax and enjoy the flavours. 

Also, you can really set the mood with shisha flavours. Some are relaxing and even de-stressing. Others are more fun and social. 

What are the shisha trends and flavours at the moment?  

This depends a lot on the region or area you are in. An evergreen is for sure double apple and mint. Adalya Ladykiller, is popular as well, this tobacco has a sweet, lemony flavour. Also, Starbuzz Vintage Delhi T, a herbal tea flavour, is an evergreen. Either way, it depends very much on personal taste and if the guest prefers sweet or sour or cold and minty. 

Here at Maamunagau, I have the chance to explain the differences, learn about the guests and then mix the different tobaccos to meet the guests' preferences. The weather is also a factor. It's very warm here; therefore, the cooling flavours work well. 

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