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We would not call it 'Love Island' but we are confident love happens and grows on Maamunagau island, so we curate the most memorable moments for you and your partner. Celebrate life, love and the intimacy you can only find on a private, remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  

Approaching February, Valentine's Day is at the top of the list of special days. Couples can look forward to some truly special arrangements to elevate this day to another level. Naturally, every couple comes with their own story and preferences, and so do our Valentine's Day specials. From small gifts and surprises to the most splendid and sumptuous private dining experience or the luxury love bird package, there is much to look forward to. 

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Maamunagau island can certainly not be considered an overly large island; however, there is plenty of space and spots that are remote and private, and if it needs to be even more intimate, there is always the luxury yacht cruise for the most exclusive experience. Our culinary team does not just have Valentine's themed dinners lined up but created selected destination dining experiences exclusive to the occasion. 

The Lagoon Floating Dinner has just been added to the list of private dining experiences at Maamunagau, a magical set-up on the floating platform anchored in the lagoon, surrounded by the pristine beaches and the starry sky above. With candles all around, the dinner will be preceded by champagne sunset drinks in the Sunset Bar before a delectable 5-course menu will be served for just the two of you. 

Romance like never before when the tiniest dhoni picks you up, our traditional Maldivian Bokkura, which will take you on a mini-sunset cruise with Champagne along the Maamunagau shores before you will settle down to a private Teppanyaki dining experience in Café Umi. We wouldn't be able to tell you more about this special dinner as the show will be curated by our talented Teppanyaki chef on the spot. If you prefer is a little bigger and even more luxurious, go all in and book the Luxury Valentine's Day package, including a couple spa treatment at AVI Spa, a sunset cruise with Champagne and Canapes and a dinner in one of the Residences. 

Several beach dinner locations will also be available for your private dinner and the most picturesque Lighthouse Patio. Here you will start your Valentine's Day celebration with drinks at the island's highest spot, the Lighthouse tower, before descending to the patio for your private dinner.

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Of course, our team will be by your side for a special cake, chocolates and flower orders or other out-of-the-ordinary arrangements. Rest assured, we know the game of romance and look forward to being at your service. Read more here to plan your valentines day 2023 at our maamunagau island 

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