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Visiting Practitioner – Dr. Jing Yang Zhao

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

With a passion for medicine and health, Chinese-born Jing Yang holds a Bachelor Degree of Health Science and Acupuncture, moving around the world to heal patients. As a registered Chinese Medicine physician, she is experienced in aiding a variety of conditions, including fatigue and insomnia, digestive and bowel issues, gynaecological issues, as well as stress relief and wellbeing and balancing the body’s energies.  

Her consultations are quick and efficient, reaching a diagnosis and treatment plan within the first consultation. Her healing approach is holistic, evolving around all aspects of a client’s health, symptoms and medical history. As she follows the five key theories of Chinese medicine, Zangfu Theory, Meridian Theory, the Five Elements, the Vital Substances and Yin and Yang, guests can look forward to a multifaceted approach of healing. 

During her time at InterContinental Maldives she will be offering the following treatments: 


Fine, sterile and once-use needles are inserted into acupoints to augment Qi/Blood flow to meridians/local areas, achieve energy balance, remove blockage, and to stimulate/target specific organs to help improve their function.  


Manual therapy that works on muscles, ligaments/tendons and soft tissue; as well as targeting acupoints for stimulation (can be an alternative to acupuncture in cases of needle-phobia) and smoothing Qi/Blood flow in meridians. Facial Tuina performed with beneficial facial oil is a gentle and calming therapy that can stimulate microcirculation and improve collagen production to brighten complexion and smooth fine lines.   


Safe fire cupping with special glass cups to improve Qi/Blood flow in targeted areas. A good auxiliary technique to help improve acupuncture/Tuina treatments. Sliding cupping can reduce muscle tension and cold/flu symptoms. 


Use of a jade scraping tool with body oil/medical liniments to improve Qi/Blood flow in targeted areas/meridians; can be used facially to boost microcirculation, lymphatic draining and collagen production, or used over the neck, shoulders and back to reduce excess conditions (e.g. muscle strain/injury, cold/flu).  

Cosmetic Acupuncture 

Safe and gentle facial needling to boost microcirculation, collagen production and reduce fine lines/wrinkles. 

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