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5 Types of Rays and How to Identify Them 

The Maldives is home to an abundance of marine life and megafauna that come in all shapes and sizes. During your holiday at InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort, you will have the chance to see the beauty of the ocean for yourself, by indulging in a snorkelling adventure
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Visiting Practitioner - Dr Vihas Unni

Understanding the human body and healing from within with Dr Vihas Unni, a Naturopath.
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Manta Rays: Feeding strategies 

Manta Rays need to feed a lot to maintain their massive bodies. How they manage to do that, read all about it here.
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The Wellness Practitioner Programme at InterContinental Maldives

Explore the age-old healing methods and tap into your inner healing journey with our visiting expert practitioners.
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