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Beach Shells by Chef Nelly Robinson

British born Nelly Robinson is an expert in the art of culinary creations, at home at Nel’s in Sydney, Australia. InterContinental Maldives had the pleasure of experiencing an exceptional menu tailored to the surroundings and theme of the Lighthouse, created by the chef.
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Top 6 couple activities in the Maldives

A romantic escape with exciting experiences where you and your partner can forge indelible memories together.
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Best Maldives Offers

Are you dreaming of experiencing the ultimate luxury vacation in the Maldives, with its crystal-clear waters and tropical islands, as well as its rich and authentic culture? Have a look at a selection of exclusive Maldives offers.
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Top 4 Water Sports Maldives

Surrounded by the hues of blues, Maamunagau provides a wide range of activities for our guests to enjoy, with summer-like weather all year long. With an array of exciting and fun water sports activities on offer, this is the place to be for all the fun and thrill holiday seekers.
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World Culinarian Day

The World Culinary Day 2023 is only one of many reasons to celebrate our culinary experts, serving delicious meals to our guests. Read more on our Executive Chef's take on the most delicious form of art there is. 
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Travelling to the Maldives with Family 

The Maldives is fun for old and young and the perfect holiday destination for your family throughout the year.
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