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Manta Rays: Courtship and Mating

Ever wondered how manta rays find each other for mating? Our Manta Trust base leader Farah knows all about it and shares her insights on the manta courtship and mating game.
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Manta Retreat is back!

Mantas, the gentle wonders, at home in the lagoons surrounding Maamunagau island. The Manta Retreat is a one-stop shop for everything mantas and more.
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The Manta Trust welcomes Farah Hamdan and the second Manta Retreat is coming soon

The second Manta Retreat is well on its way to take place in March 2023 on Maamunagau Island and we are welcoming our new Manta Trust base leader to the resort.
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5 Types of Rays and How to Identify Them 

The Maldives is home to an abundance of marine life and megafauna that come in all shapes and sizes. During your holiday at InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort, you will have the chance to see the beauty of the ocean for yourself, by indulging in a snorkelling adventure
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Manta Rays: Feeding strategies 

Manta Rays need to feed a lot to maintain their massive bodies. How they manage to do that, read all about it here.
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Manta Retreat - The first of its kind to be hosted in the Maldives

The first of its kind in the Maldives, our Manta Retreat is the perfect opportunity to get your fix on these majestic beauties!
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