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Top 4 Water Sports Maldives

InterContinental Maldives is blessed with a vast lagoon that encircles the entire island. Offering pleanty of space for water sports and explorations. Besides that, the Maamunagau lagoon is a haven for snorkellers, with a house reef that is home to various fish, black-tip reef sharks, dolphins, rays and turtles. Guests also have the opportunity to swim alongside the magnificent manta rays in the Maamunagau lagoon during migration season between atolls.  

Here are our top picks of thrill-seeking outdoor activities we encourage our curious and adventurous guests to participate in during their stay.  

X Jet Blading, Jet Skiing and so much more 

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Experience the thrill of flying with an exhilarating activity that lets you swirl and soar as high as you want. Jet propulsion keeps you upright, whether you're a first-timer or an experienced flyer. Our marine team will guide you and show you what you need to do before you embark on this exciting water adventure.  

Explore the lagoon around the resort from a jet ski and have a thrilling afternoon of fun by chasing the waves with your buddy. You can enjoy this activity alone or as a couple with the guidance of an experienced professional. You can roam around the lagoon at your own pace, taking in the stunning sights of the resort.  

Pop into the Marine and Water Sports Centre, located in the heart of Maamunagau Island to discover all the fund water sports we have on offer. E-Foil, Water Ski and many more are at the ready as well as a wide range of non-motorised water sports, which are even free of charge during your stay. 

Manta Ray Excursions  

A Group Of Dolphins Swimming In The OceanAt InterContinental Maldives, we encourage guests to participate in one of the many excursions to discover the majestic gentle giants in Raa Atoll and surrounding regions. Guests can even name a manta if they come across one that has yet to be identified and stay updated on their sightings, as reported by the Manta Trust team.  


A Group Of Dolphins Swimming In The WaterHop on a dhoni cruise or luxury yacht to spot various pods of dolphins that are known to frequently visit the atoll. With a bit of luck, these playful and majestic creatures might even showcase their acrobatic skills or come up to the boat, playing and swimming along with the waves. Take pleasure in light refreshments as you admire the stunning Maldivian sunset while leisurely cruising around the island.  

House Reef Snorkelling  

A School Of Fish Swimming In The Ocean

Experience the stunning beauty of our house reef, filled with vibrant schools of tropical fish, anemones, and a variety of coral species along the reef’s edge. Grab your snorkelling gear from our marine centre and immerse yourself in the underwater world just steps away from our beach.  

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